Oh hey!


Oh hey!

If we haven’t met, I’m Amanda, Holistic Nutritionist, Personal Trainer & Holistic Lifestyle enthusiast.

We have some news over here at Honestly Nourish that I am so excited to share with you.

I don’t usually post much about my personal life, so it may come as a surprise to know I have spent almost 3 years recovering and rebuilding strength lost due to complications associated with the birth of my son.

Now that I am finally physically strong again, I am so thrilled to offer not only nutrition services, but fitness classes as well!

It has been a long journey, but Honestly Nourish is now offering all the services we had envisioned when starting this holistic wellness lifestyle biz.

After experiencing my own very difficult physical setback, I look forward to working alongside other women striving to reach their personal wellness goals.

Classes begin in January 2018. Can’t wait to see you all there!

Amanda xo

Author: Amanda

Amanda Parish is a holistic nutritionist, certified personal trainer, pre + postnatal design specialist, "maker" culture enthusiast and writer/blogger based out of Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

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